STEAKCHAMP® Cast iron grilling pan 26 cm


This timeless classic grill pan comes not only with a fresh design but also with a unique removable handle. Remove the handle while cooking, serving on the table or storing. Sear, fry or bake your meals in the oven, on the stove, on the grill or over a campfire. The pan features grill ribs that elevate food and collect cooking drippings. These ribs are designed for easy cleaning. The pan is foundry seasoned and ready to use

  • Seasoned (ready to use)
  • Safe removable handle
  • Easy to clean grill ridges
  • For campfire, grills, all stove tops incl. induction.
  • Size: 26cm/ 10″ (square)

Care: wash cast iron by hand with mild soap or none at all. Dry promptly and thoroughly with a kitchen cloth. Rub with a very light layer of vegetable oil. Store in a dry place

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