STEAKCHAMP® Steak Eating Board


For your porterhouse, ribeye or burger. No polyurethane, lacquer or shellacs, just raw wood thinly coated in food grade mineral oil to keep your food safe. Acacia wood keeps your steak knives sharper than traditional plates and the inclined juice groove keeps it clean. We took Acacia for its deep, dark contrasting grain and innate hardness and its natural resistance to bacteria. Two stainless steel saucers (a strong magnet holds them tight) for your two favorite meat sauces or spice mixes. The grain colors of Acacia vary and creating a beautiful contrast that is specific to each individual board. So as it is a natural wood product, the colour and appearance may vary.

  • Acacia hardwood
  • Stainless steel saucer (hold by magnets)
  • Inclined juice groove
  • Size: 42x27x1.6cm/ 15.5×10.5×0.7”

Care: hand wash in warm soapy water and dry immediately. Never left to soak in water.

SKU: 10-5020-SQ

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